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The adventures of a lifetime...

Horseback riding to El Limon waterfall is a favorite excursion
through the dense foliage of ecological paths that lead to
the 40 meter high cascade and the verdant ecosystems of this vicinity.
Samana Bay is the favorite mating ground for thousands
of humpback whales that make their way to the Samana Peninsula
from January through March of each year.

A visit during the mating season is a unique opportunity
to enjoy this marine mammal sanctuary by boat
and see these magnificent creatures, some as much as 20 meters long.

Los Haitises is one of the Dominican Republic’s foremost national parks
with amazing flora and fauna, subtropical forest, mangroves,
caves rich in pictographs left by our pre-Columbian inhabitants
and pristine keys found along a 208 km2 protected area.
Experienced nature guides conduct the tours.

The Adventures of a lifetime

Playa Cosón shore

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