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Conde Nast Gold List 2010

"The most luxurious place in the Caribbean"and the top-scoring property in the Americasis "a magnificent hillside retreat with a glorious pool and Atlantic views." This two-year-old Victorian-style house is "like a museum," with eclectic art scattered throughout. ...Read more

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Conde Nast Readers Choice Awards 2009 - Best in the World 2009

Some Places are more generously gifted with great hotels than other, and this year six destinations stand out. All have have more than 20 hotels on these lists, and together they account for about half of the top-scoring properties in the world. England and France each claim 22 hotels; Canada has 30; China 36; Italy 46; and to no ones suprise - the United States, a lions share of 135. But that doesn't tell the whole story. The top-scoring hotel in the world is on an island with only one property on our list: THE PENINSULA HOUSE in the Dominican Republic. Read more

Amazing luxury hotels
from around the world

The Peninsula House is one of the nicest hotels in the world, and by far the nicest hotel in the Dominican Republic.
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Conde Nast TRAVELER:
Hot List 2009

This secluded plantation-style guesthouse with gingerbread trim is set 1,000 feet above sea level—and above the sprawling resorts that line the beaches below—on the Samaná Peninsula, with acres of terraced lawns that unfurl to Atlantic views.

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Travel + Leisure

Travel + Leisure
The Caribbean's Hotest New Hotels

The DR continues to move beyond the all-inclusive market with the help of the Peninsula House, which debuted early 2008 in a restored Victorian plantation house on the Samaná peninsula.

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US-Airways Sept 2009

US Airways Magazine Luxury Alert: Where to stay in real style

“Exclusive” and “elegant” sum up this boutique hotel and its miles of deserted beaches.

ELLE Decor Magazine

ELLE DECOR Magazine - France

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DISTRICT & Co. Magazine

District & Co. Magazine

The Peninsula House is a 5 star hotel located in Las Terrenas, in the Samaná Peninsula, northeast of the Dominican Republic. A magical place, elegant and refined where guests feel the benifit of leaving a unique experience in the country.

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Refugios Magazine

Refugios Magazine

The Peninsula House es lo que debe llamarse un hotel boutique, una enorme, pero a la vez pequeña, exclusiva y acogedora casa para huéspedes, donde la privacidad es primordial. Su elegancia sobrepasa todos los preceptos que pudiéramos imaginar, al utilizar exquisitos detalles que alimentan nuestra admiración por tan fastuoso lugar.
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Hotel & Lodge

Hôtel & Lodge Magazine

The Peninsula House was awarded 2nd Best Guest House for 2008.

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An exclusive resort in the heart
of the Caribbean

An atmosphere from a bygone era. Echoes of “familiarity”. Entering The Peninsula House, you get a feeling you’ve already been there, a muffled déjà-vu which gently soothes you... Read more

Globorati- Travel. Beautiful

Migrate to Paradise
Whales aren’t the only ones now flocking to Samaná.

By Grace Bastidas
From January though March, more humpback whales migrate to the warm Caribbean waters near Samaná, a peninsula on the Dominican Republic’s northeastern coast, than anywhere else on earth. Here, they mate while voyeuristic travelers watch the courtship up close and do a bit of frolicking of their own amid hidden coves, lush rainforests and green mountains. In short, Samaná is one of the Caribbean’s best-kept secrets. Though despite its 19 national parks, six reserves and the world’s first sanctuary for whales, the areas has been largely bypassed by those visitors more drawn to the island’s over-developed resorts (like Puerto Plata and Punta Cana).

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The Peninsula House brings
european flair to Samana Peninsula

Pure luxury, world-class service and unparalleled elegance have risen to a new level in the Dominican Republic with the addition of an exceptional new hotel de charm, The Peninsula House, which opened its doors in late February 2008.

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