Getting to know us; The Peninsula House, A Caribbean style boutique hotel in the Dominican Republic – The Peninsula House
The original luxury boutique hotel in The Dominican Republic, exclusive service and privacy with just 6 junior suites, hilltop location with ocean views. Under the radar for 10 years and still serving you better.
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Getting to know us; The Peninsula House, A Caribbean style boutique hotel in the Dominican Republic

Dear Former Guests, and Browsers,

When you think about a Caribbean style boutique hotel in the Dominican Republic, The Peninsula House is the template – and the only one that checks all the boxes, the only one you need for a truly luxurious Dominican Republic experience.   If you’ve stayed here – you know what I’m talking about. (I say this modestly). If you’re looking through our website trying to decide where to stay in the Dominican Republic and landed on this blog- use this a reference, it’s something we found written in our guest book;  “If you’re reading this you have made it, you have made the best travel decision you will ever make”  This comment comes from a principle of a large, New York City luxury hospitality group.

Fast forward through a decade and here we are celebrating 10 years of serving – and coddling – people like you who travel from as close by as the capital, Santo Domingo, or as far away as Tokyo. “Happy 10th Birthday Peninsula House”. “Felicidades!”.  To properly celebrate this mile stone we would like to introduce you to our new website – that includes this blog. We are extremely happy with the results and hope that it will inspire you to come to visit.  If you’re still thinking about travel – navigate your way over to this blog for all sorts of interesting information that will help you make the right decision and select The Peninsula House – the only “box to check” for a luxury boutique hotel for your next getaway.

The idea for a small boutique hotel started almost fifteen years ago when my partner, Marie-Claude and I were sitting at a kitchen table at our home in the south of France.  It didn’t take long – after some exploration- for us to fall for and purchase a small piece of land on the Samana peninsula overlooking the Atlantic Ocean on the north eastern coast of the Dominican Republic.  Having the idea and then purchasing the land was the easy part.  The project took on major proportions – as anyone who has ever built their own home or done major renovations can testify to – however, this seemingly impossible task, (or pure stupidity on many levels) turned into a labor of love.  Four years later we opened The Peninsula House – named for its location at the top of the Samanà Peninsula – our dream of an elegant, comfortable boutique hotel had become a reality and was quickly recognized as the number two hotel in the world by the Conde-Nast Travelers “Reader Choice Awards”.  The Peninsula House, our little boutique hotel project,   remained a Conde-Nast  ‘Top Ten’ Readers Choice Awards hotel for the next 5 years.

For first time guests, our entire staff looks forward to welcoming you into our world – which will become your world as soon as you pass through the gate to the hotel property, step out of your car – or Victor’s cab from the airport – and Chupito, the house piebald daschund greets you with a wagging tail. It’s a world that’s slightly apart from most boutique hotels and other properties sitting in its quiet majesty surrounded by rustling palm trees. It all points to the fact, for the rest of your stay our house is your house. For return guests, well, you know what your memories of us are and that’s most likely why you find yourselves here again.

I’ve been promising myself – that I’d start writing a blog about The Peninsula House.  Here we are, about to tell you all about what’s going on in, and around the house; what we, at the house, recommend seeing, eating drinking, etc. (with us if you like and I’ll share recipes from time to time). I hope that we can get you on-board and come visit at this little piece of heaven just a few hours from the US eastern seaboard.

Hasta la proxima,

See you soon,

All good wishes,

Cary, with Marie Claude, Thomas, Nicole and our entire staff

  • Susan Simon
    Posted at 23:47h, 07 January Reply

    In six decades of world travel I finally found the place that checks all the boxes of what it means to be on VACATION. The Peninsula House is the place to lose your worries and fill up on comfort and joy.

  • Carla H Abusada
    Posted at 03:09h, 12 January Reply

    Is actually the first real luxury boutique hotel in Dominican Republic! Every little detail is caferfully taken care of, definitely a place to relax, disconnect and feel in paradise. From the location to the food everything is breath taking!

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