It's Happening! News!!, The whales are back – The Peninsula House
The original luxury boutique hotel in The Dominican Republic, exclusive service and privacy with just 6 junior suites, hilltop location with ocean views. Under the radar for 10 years and still serving you better.
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It’s Happening!

Humpback whales, AFAR guide on the DR and Departure Magazines rock solid article on Santo Domingo..

So here we are mid-January, it’s warm and lots going on!.. The whales are returning again for their flirting, mating and birthing season (Think Romper Room meets Singles Bar). It’s a spectacular time to be on the Samana peninsula for this event, and simply because its warm down here, BALMY, a nice 82 in the shade, crystal waters, white sand, you get the picture.

Here are a couple of links to get you inspired – –  – –

Equally exciting and an additional boost for our area, and the DR itself is AFAR Magazine’s – – – recently released guide on the Dominican Republic. The article
 has a great in-depth section on Las Terrenas, including a description of the Peninsula House itself – as well as the 4 corners of the country, a fantastic aid to help you define your stay in the country.    Muchas Gracias AFAR !

DEPARTURES MAGAZINE  – –  just released an article about all that’s happening in the Caribbean’s new, hot destination, the  Dominican Republic.  The piece focusses on the country’s capital, Santo Domingo, with a step by step walk through the “zona”, the city’s historic center, stopping to sample new restaurants and shops.  They write “ Think part Brooklyn, part New Orleans, with a dash of downtown L.A.”  Are you enticed?
Please do not hesitate to contact us directly with any questions you may have about our paradise..   We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you all soon!
Best,  Cary

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